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Delivery formats

Currently, we can offer the following packaging formats:

  • 5 – 24.000 L: Road tanks.
  • 1000 L: Plastic recyclable IBC.
  • 200 L: Plastic recyclable IBC.
  • 25 L: Plastic and metal carafes.
  • 5 L: Metal cans.

In order to give the best service, we offer a wide flexibility of packages and volumes:

  • COP (Customer’s Own Packages).
  • Special formats on customer’s request.
  • Deliveries of several products in the same road tank (5 MT per product min.)

Bulk Product

  • Capacity: 5,000 MT in our facilities, apart from tanks in Barcelona’s port for specific needs.
  • Loading and downloading stations of tank trucks
    We have 4 high precision loading/downloading stations, which allow us to manage multiple orders simultaneously, maintaining the high quality standards we demand in all our processes.

Packaged product

Capacity: We count with a 3,000 m2 warehouse in which we can store around 4,500 pallets, which means a quantity of 3,800 MT of packed product.

  • Characteristics: All of our warehouses are certified under the requirements of the APQ legislation for the ADR product storage. They also include an advanced firefighting network and they are subjected to constant controls to prevent risks and accidents.
  • Packaging: we have 4 independent packaging lines, with different supply pipes in order to prevent any contamination.